निदेशक / Director
नीता गुप्ता (निदेशक) / Neeta Gupta (Director, Jaipur Book Mark)

Neeta Gupta (Director)

Neeta Gupta is the Co-director of Jaipur BookMark, a publishers’ B2B segment held parallel to the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival, where the focus is on international translation rights. She is also the publisher at Yatra Books and an Editor and Joint Secretary with the Bhartiya Anuvad Parishad, a not-for-profit promoting translations between Indian languages. She has worked with Indian languages and translation since 1996, having handled diverse aspects of the trade including publishing books and e-books, and editing a literary magazine. She has recently edited and published an anthology of essays titled Translating Bharat, Reading India.

संस्थापक न्यासी / Founder Trustee

अशोक वाजपेयी / Ashok Vajpeyi

Ashok Vajpeyi is an Indian poet in Hindi, essayist, literary-cultural critic

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